Kate Havnevik

Kate Havnevik (*1975) is a Norwegian singer and songwriter from Oslo. Her debut album, the electronica-infused "MELANKTON", was released in 2006 - first in Norway before being licensed internationally. She describes "MELANKTON" as a "dramatic, beautiful and euphoric" record, and deemed it the perfect introduction to her music. In a move similar to that of British singer and friend of Havnevik, Imogen Heap, Kate is releasing her albums through her own record label, Continentica Records.

Kate trained early and wanted to be a classical and jazz guitarist up until the age of 14 when she joined a punk rock band rehearsing and playing at Oslo's illegally occupied club "Blitz". The experience broadened her musical horizons, and lead her to pursue an interest in modern electronica, mixing in organic instruments like strings and brass.

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Kate set about working with producers to help hone her songs, the most famous of which is Guy Sigsworth, part of Frou Frou, who has also worked with Imogen Heap, Madonna, Björk, Jem and others. The two co-wrote and recorded many songs together, some of which were featured on "MELANKTON", e. g. "Unlike Me", "Not Fair" and "You Again", and some other songs, that were released on her 5-song EP "ME" (2009), including "Think Again" and "Disobey", the latter which Havnevik premiered on her official web site. Two singles from "ME" have been released on iTunes & Amazon - "Halo" & "Show Me Love". "Halo" was featured on Grey's Anatomy, making it her 8th song to air in the outstanding series. Kate's "ME" EP is only available in an audiophile quality CD format - either directly from Kate at her merch tables as she tours, or internationally via online mail order (paypal) from her website.

Having successfully collaborated with musicians such as Röyksopp, Noel Hogan (The Cranberries), LA electronica hipster Carmen Rizzo or the multi platinum German artist SCHILLER, with whom she co-wrote and was featured on his albums "Atemlos" (2010) and "Sonne" (2012), Kate continues to collaborate with different artists.

In 2010 she also did a new track - "This Life" - for Carmen Rizzo's third album released in May of the same year, as well as co-writing and featuring on Scotland's 18 year old electronic wiz-kid UNICORN KID's song "Brown Bear". Kate was asked by Grammy nominated artist Owl City (Adam Young) to open for him on his first big US tour in autumn 2009 and happily joined him on the adventure. In early 2010 she opened for UK based Grammy winner artist Imogen Heap and New York based Golden Globe nominee, and guitar virtuous Kaki King in Oslo's Rockefeller.
Kate also had various headline shows at clubs in Oslo, London's famous Ronnie Scott's, as well as The Living Room in New York.

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After years abroad Kate Havnevik is now based back in Oslo and has just released her second album YOU (2010/2011) with the help of the crowdfunding platform pledgemusic.com. As before the music on Kate's new album bears the hallmarks of cosmopolitan internationalism through its electronic beats and atmospheric production, although Kate is no generic diva. Her distinctive, breathy vocal style makes each track instantly recognizable as a Kate song. Her panel of new tracks was produced by her long time collaborators Guy Sigsworth and Petter Haavik of Norway. Trumpet virtuoso Jon Hassell makes appearance on the album, as well as Adam Young, the success story of 2009 with his alter ego Owl City, applied his mixing skills to one track.

Kate is constantly writing new music. In October 2013 a new musical remake of  "Mormor og de 8 Ungene" (a Norwegian children's movie) premiered in Norway for which Kate wrote the soundtrack collaborating with Eyvind Andreas Skeie and Stein Johan Grieg ("Steinjo") Halvorsen. She is also composing the score for Dušan Tolmač's upcoming short film "Foreigner" (release date unknown) as well as preparing the release of her third album called "& I" to be released in late February/early March 2015 .

Meanwhile she released the double-cd album "RESIDUE" containing previously unreleased material like demos, remixes and rarities.