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27.12.2014 10:00 Age: 3 yrs

PLEDGE CAMPAIGN for &i reached 100%

There has been talk about Kate Havnevik's upcoming release for a while, about the title, the release date, possible tracks...well, folks, you won't have to wait very much longer, in fact late FEBRUARY 2015 is when it's gonna happen! :-)

To make the whole project possible Kate teamed up again with PledgeMusic again and started her 2nd campaign with them on the 20th of November 2014. It took her about 5 weeks to make it to the goal of 100%! YAAAAAAAY!!! So through the help of lots of fans who basically "pre-paid" their copy of the album or treated themselves with one of the specials that Kate offers in her pledge store the production and manufacturing (...) is secured.

That, however, shouldn't stop you or your friends or your friends's friends, your brothers and sisters, cousins ... (you get the idea ;-) ) from pledging! There are still lots of fantastic goodies to get - plus a Kate album sure sounds great in everybody's soundsystem!:-)

So, make sure to check >>>Kate's pledge site<<< and keep funding the album, tour preparation, maintaining/repairing instruments/equipment etc. etc. etc. ...